How important of oil painting technique?

It would be a mistake to say that oil paint is “the material of democracy” so that “everyone can draw but not necessarily painters”. Yes, no one is forbid you to use oil brush or pen to paint oil color on your canvas. But that doesn’t mean you can paint oil. Also, using your fingers to knock, even elbows on the piano keys to play out loud, even into a melody does not mean that you know how to play the piano, and that sound is not included Now music too.
Perhaps we should not forget that, historically – according to Aristotle (384-322 BC) – the word “art” (Latin ars, Greek Tekhvt [tekhne]) was used to refer to my activities. people based on rules and knowledge. Actually, in Ancient times (tk 6 BC – tk 4) and the Middle Ages (tk 5 – tk 15) people divided art into 7 liberal arts branches: Trivium (tertiary): Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, and Quadrivium (quadrilateral): Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music (at that time the only subject of fine arts). Painting and sculpture at that time were only considered craftsmanship. Gradually the outstanding painters and sculptors are admired as people who are good at rules and techniques to be able to shape chaos, creating products of aesthetic value from chaos. By around 1500 Renaissance humanities in Italy had successfully fought to bring painting, sculpture and architecture into the subjects of liberal arts.
How to use paint to draw is very important for painters, involving creating a realistic picture. This can be compared to the technique of running a finger, using the wrist, the body to make sound for a pianist, or math and programming techniques for theoretical physicists, because of the lack of it all emotion, intuition of artists or scientists will only stop at amateur level, meager, not very valuable. Freedom of expression only becomes art so long as emotions are dominated by knowledge, reason and experience.
Not only artists but also critics of art, or everyone who writes about painting like journalists need to know about oil painting techniques, even at a non-practical level. The reason is simple: If you do not understand the technique of oil painting, you cannot properly praise or criticize an oil painting as well as its author.

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