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At the request of many interested people, I have compiled my speech in the form of writing below for readability, at the same time adding some details, as well as answering more carefully some questions that, due to Time was tight, I couldn’t do it at the talk.
Acquiring details of the entire technique of oil painting in 5 – 10 centuries, with the tail of more than 30 years of experience, is something that can not be done in 2-3 hours. as on a few dozen pages. This requires a few semester course combining theory with practice, as has been done at art universities in developed countries, and needs to prepare a thick book or meticulous curriculum. . Therefore, at the talk as well as in this article, I can only go through the history section with some typical artists to illustrate the development of oil painting techniques, press some details about the painting. 3 main techniques of classical oil painting. Finally, to avoid myself, I would like to introduce some features of my own oil painting techniques.
Certainly the article cannot be avoided. Therefore, I hope to receive suggestions from readers to be able to include the necessary additions and / or repairs, with the sole purpose of helping all those interested in painting techniques. oil, so they can use this article as one of their reference or reference resources.
By the way, I would like to thank the Modern Fine Arts Department, namely Ms. Bui Nhu Huong and Mr. Pham Trung, for inviting me to speak, and thank Hanoi University of Technology for organizing this talk. I also thank painter Le Huy Tiep, painter Vu Huyen, and other listeners whose names I don’t know because of the valuable comments and insightful questions that helped me complete the article below. I am grateful to all the listeners who listened to me from the beginning to the end for nearly 3 hours at 8/1/2009 at Hanoi Fine Arts University, although many people attending that day had to stand. because there are not enough seats in the hall.

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