“The Beetle boy” by M. G. Leonard – Great guide to the insect world

Do you know that if people go extinct, then the Earth will still grow, but if the beetle is extinct then the Earth will perish?

That’s not the only great point in the beetle. Darkus – a 13-year-old boy will tell you another equally interesting story about them.

When Dr. Bartholomew Cuttle is mysteriously disappeared and Darkus becomes an orphan again, he decides to explore his own disappearance with Bertolt, Virginia – two odd friends in The new school, and Baxter – the giant beetle – six-foot friend is even more odd.

From Baxter’s unbelievable directions, the kids are finding important clues in the case, as well as discovering a huge mountain built from a beetle army’s “headquarters” With huge quantity and size. Surprisingly, they are well behaved and are superbly intelligent bugs, seeming to understand human words.

The appearance of the common enemy Lucretia Cutter – a woman with a horrifying hobby: turning beetles into jewels, has caused the children and the mutant bugs to work together. What secrets hidden after Dr. Cuttle’s disappearance? Why do the beetles have so great intelligence? The secret of the secret will be at the end of the adventures of the children, promising to bring fun and more unexpected.

Is “the Beetle boy” merely be a story of adventure? Not necessarily! The work also opens up an exciting and colorful world of beetles: pliers, rhinoceros beetles, ginkgo beetles, giraffes, fireflies, Goliath beetles, Long Asia to wood, Atropot, fire bug, bark beetle and tiger … and a small amount of knowledge about entomology summarized at the end of the book.

The young beetle would be a suitable book for children, fostering their interest in entomology as well as providing a humanitarian message about how we behave before the species. Small but important item with this planet.

“MG.Leonard combines the real possibilities of insects with a fascinating adventurous story that makes you sit still in a chair,” said by Sarah Beynon, entomologist and founder of MGLeonard. Project Insect Camp comments.

M. G. Leonard graduated with honors in English literature and went on to study for a master’s degree in Shakespeare Studies at Kings College. She has served as a senior producer at the British National Theater, the Royal British Theater and Shakespeare Theater. The young beetle is her debut and also the first of three books on Darkus. The book has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and has sold millions worldwide.

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