“The magic of believing” by Claude M. Bristol

“The magic of believing” by Claude M. Bristol will give you the reading of the encouragement and support you need. It points out a simple yet convincing way that suggestion can always be used to improve the efficiency of any job. It liberates all potential and helps us to believe in ourselves, which is also an effective secret to developing and nurturing it. For example, Bristol recalls that he often painted the dollar sign on any large piece of paper that appeared on his desk. It sounds strange, is not it? Yes, it is not a memory training exercise, but a calculated, imaginative method that aims to increase the power of belief.

To be honest, there have been thousands of companies and individuals applying Bristol’s “card methods” to achieve their goals. “The magic of believing” is not just a collection of secrets to inspiration for success, but also the secrets that are important, as they serve and support the emergence of power. strength of belief.

On the stage of life there are always winners and losers, but what makes a difference in a person can be summarized with a single word: Faith! Bristol understands that people can become anyone they want. He demonstrates that what he calls “creating a mental picture” can transform the subconscious into concrete action. He encourages us to always take the initiative in life – to build a positive attitude like those who have believed in themselves and succeeded. Almost every great achievement of humanity is not made by the most talented individual but by the people who are ready to face the greatest risks and challenges, and they have surpassed them. This can only happen through faith.

Be ready to discover the hidden power of your mental power. Be prepared for the incredible truth of the power of Claude M. Bristol. We all have faith, but only a few know how to build it. You can be a unique person just like the person you want to become, but that only happens when you know how to put aside the images that others have set for you. And, it only happens when you know the dream … and have faith. The more you believe in yourself, the more achievements you achieve. That’s what this book will bring to you. Do not read it just so you understand other people. Read it because you want to apply the power of belief in your personal and professional life.

“The magic of believing” contains a proven secret of establishing and achieving goals. Bristol recommends that you read and re-read this book as long as it is a part of your daily life. Once you find that you are capable of handling every challenge in life, you can turn all of your potential energy into reality.

The content of the work emphasizes faith as the core of all success in life and the way to use the power of faith, to shape your future. The author explains not only what is the belief, the subconscious, the thought but also the effective methods such as the method of suggestion, the method of imagination or control of thought for us. Can be applied to real life everyday. When I finished reading, I immediately applied them and gained some success in my relationships as well as in my work. This is a really worth reading book.

This book, though not too thick, is not too expensive but gives me a lot of contemplation, many other experiences about life, giving me something very precious and necessary in this life, it is faith. Faith is what gives people enough will and energy to overcome the storms of life. The book with stories, deep philosophies that make me change so much in my thoughts, makes me more believe in life, in people more, Book a long time ago, but the price he has never lost. It is the motivation and the essence of all of us!

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